Events in Prescott

Looking for events in Prescott, Arizona? Not only do we have you covered in Prescott, but also in Prescott Valley, Dewey/Humboldt and Chino Valley.  Find all the festivals, arts and crafts show, pumpkin patches, parades, wine tasting, art exhibits and more with our online calendar of events.  Need help planning your weekend? Check out Prescott Local Events for all kinds of free events, admission prices, locations and more.  If you are looking for events closer to your area, visit our calendars for Prescott Events or Prescott Valley Events.

We love Prescott as much as you do.  Need a reason to get out of the house?  Want to have some fun with the family?  There’s no better way to enjoy time with your loved ones than to visit a local event. Learn something new, improve your well-being and just have fun.  Getting out is also a great way to meet new friends.

Looking for events in the Verde Valley, we have you covered in Sedona, Cottonwood, Jerome and Camp Verde.