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Prescott Taco Festival

The Prescott Taco Festival is definitely the Tac’o the Town.  This delicious taco festival will be held on Saturday, August 17th, 2024, at the Mile High Field. Not only will you find delicious tacos, but you will find craft beers, margaritas and tequila.  The festival also includes live entertainment like Mariachi bands.  Everyone in attendance must be older than 21 years old.   Mile High Field is at 300 Granite Mountain in Downtown Prescott.  Visit the Prescott Events website for more information.

Attending the Prescott Taco Festival

Taco festivals are becoming a popular event all across America, especially in Arizona. These food festivals celebrate the delicious and versatile dish that originated in Mexico and has been popularized globally. You can sample a variety of tacos, from classic beef or chicken to unique fillings such as shrimp and avocado. Taco festivals are perfect for foodies, friends and families who come together to share their love for tacos. In addition to being a fun and delicious event, taco festivals help small businesses, local restaurants, and food trucks to showcase their best and unique taco creations.

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